Xero Bank Accounts – How to Remove and Redo a Transaction

Author: Mark Cunningham

Published: June 7, 2018

Categories: Bank Accounts


There are two ways you can unmatch bank statement lines from account transactions in Xero. The first way is to use the Unreconcile function. The second way is to use the Remove and Redo function. In this tutorial, we will perform the remove and redo function on a paid-up bill in Xero’s demo company.

Before going any further, it is important to know that the remove and redo function and the unreconcile function work differently. To learn more about these differences, please see our guide on remove and redo versus unreconcile in Xero.

Find a Paid-Up Invoice

Let’s begin by finding a paid-up bill that we can perform the remove and redo function on. From the main menu, go to Business → Purchases overview:


Next, click on the Paid link to get to all the bills that have been paid:


How to Remove and Redo a Transaction in Xero

For this exercise, let’s choose the $75.90 bill from Swanston Security as it has been recently paid. Click on the link to go into the bill’s details:


At the bottom corner of this bill, we can see that the bill has been paid in full. Click on either the link that says Payment or the link for the amount of the payment to get to transaction details of the payment:


Next, click on Options → Remove & Redo from the menu on the right-hand side:


That’s all you need to do to remove and redo a transaction. You should now see a message at the top of the View Bill screen telling you that the payment has been removed. You should also see at the bottom of the screen that the total amount of $75.90 has not been paid:


Effects of Remove and Redo

By using the remove and redo function, not only is the bank line and bill payment unreconciled in the bank account, the status of the bill is also changed to being unpaid. This means that we now have to match the bill to another payment for the bill’s status to return to being paid.

Remove and Redo versus Unreconcile

If you would like to learn about the unreconcile function, please see our tutorial on how to unreconcile a transaction in Xero. To learn about the differences between the two functions, please see our guide on remove and redo versus unreconcile in Xero.

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