Xero Bills – How to Attach Files to a Bill

Author: Mark Cunningham

Published: June 30, 2018

Categories: Bills


When you create a bill in Xero you can attach a file to it such as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. By doing this, you can keep necessary evidence with the bill at all times. In this tutorial, we will attach an Excel file to a bill in Xero’s demo company.

Purchases Section in Xero

To get started, go to Business → Purchases overview from the main menu:


Next, click on the Awaiting Payment section to see all the bills that have been created but not paid:


How to Attach Files to a Bill in Xero

Let’s attach the file to the first bill on the list. Click anywhere on the Heritage Trust row to open the bill:


To attach a file to the bill, click on the button at the top right-hand side of the screen that looks like a partly folded piece of paper. When the pop-up box appears, click on the + Upload files link:


Now, you can choose the files you want to attach to the bill. I have created a dummy Excel spreadsheet called Heritage Club File.xlxs for this demonstration and attached it to the bill. Go ahead and attach an Excel file, PDF or anything else that Xero will accept before continuing with this exercise.

Once you are done, you should see a pop-up box like this:


That’s all you need to do to attach a file to a bill in Xero. The file is now attached to the bill and can be opened and viewed any time.

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