Xero Bills – How to Send a Remittance Advice

Author: Mark Cunningham

Published: July 7, 2018

Categories: Bills

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After you have fully paid or part-paid a bill, you can send a remittance advice to your supplier. This is easy to do in Xero. In this tutorial, we will use Xero’s demo company to send a remittance advice for a bill that has been fully paid for.

Purchases Section in Xero

To get to the right place in Xero, go to Business → Sales overview from the main menu:


Next, click on the Paid link to see a list of all the bills that have been fully paid for:


How to Send a Remittance Advice in Xero

Click on the row of the second bill on the list for Gateway Motors to open the bill:


Next, click through to the details of the payment of $411.35 that was made to settle the bill. To do this, click on either the Payment or 411.35 link:


You should be taken to a Transaction: Payment screen that shows details of the payment. We can send a remittance advice from here by clicking on the Options button and choosing Send Remittance from the list:


A pop-up box will appear where you can enter details of the remittance advice email you will send to the supplier. Once you are happy with all the settings, click on Send:


Congratulations! That’s all you need to do to email a remittance advice to a supplier in Xero to advise them of a bill payment.