Xero Contacts – How to Merge Contacts


Sometimes you have two or more versions of the same contact in your Xero contacts list that you want to combine. In this tutorial, we will merge two contacts together in Xero’s demo company that have similar names.

Contacts Section in Xero

To get to the right place in Xero, go to Contacts → All Contacts from the main menu:


How to Merge Contacts in Xero

Let’s assume that the contacts Ridgeway Savings & Loan and Ridgeway University are the same place and should be merged. To get started, type Ridgeway into the search box and tick the checkbox for Ridgeway Savings and Loan:


Next, click on the Options button and choose Merge from the drop-down menu:


A pop-up box will appear asking you to select a contact to merge with. Type Ridgeway into the search box and choose Ridgeway University from the list:


Important Note: you will see a warning telling you that transactions will be permanently affected for the merged contacts. No transactions will be deleted but instead all transactions for both contacts will belong to the contact that remains from the merger. In this case, the transactions for Ridgeway Savings and Loan will end up in the transaction history of Ridgeway University.

When you are ready to finish, click on the Merge button.

That’s all you need to do to merge contacts in Xero.

You’re All Set!

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