If you have archived a contact in Xero that you need to use again, you can restore it provided there is no other contact with the same name. In this tutorial, we will restore a contact in Xero’s demo company that we archived in our tutorial on how to archive a contact a Xero.

You can copy the steps taken here by using the Demo Company in your Xero account. To learn more about contacts in Xero, please see our tutorials on Xero contacts.

Contacts Section in Xero

To get to the right place in Xero, go to Contacts → All Contacts from the main menu:


How to Restore a Contact in Xero

If there are no contacts in your archive, please archive a contact by following these instructions. Once you have at least one contact in your archive, click on the Archived link on the left-hand side of the main Contacts screen:


Once you are in the archive, click on the name of the contact you wish to restore. For this exercise, we will click on the name 123 Collins:


In the next screen, click on the Restore button on the left-hand side of the screen:


A pop-up box will appear checking whether you want to restore the contact. Click on Restore to continue:


That’s all you need to do to restore an archived contact in Xero. To check that the contact has been restored, navigate to the main Contacts screen and search for it in the list of contacts. Here, we can see our restored contact at the top of the list so we know it has been successfully restored:


You’re All Set!

That’s it for this lesson. For more helpful tutorials on Xero contacts, please follow this link. For other Xero tutorials, please click here.