Xero Invoices – How to Edit a Branding Theme

Author: Mark Cunningham

Published: June 13, 2018

Categories: Invoices

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Making changes to a sales invoice branding theme is easy to do in Xero. In this tutorial, we will make a change to a branding theme in Xero’s demo company.

Invoice Branding Themes in Xero

To get to the right place in Xero, go to Settings in the main menu and click on Invoice settings in the Features section:


How to Edit a Sales Invoice Branding Theme in Xero

Here you should see that two branding themes are already set up in the demo company. To edit the Standard theme, click on the Options button on the right-hand side and choose Edit from the drop-down list:


You should now see the Edit Branding Theme pop-up box. In here, you can change any of the setting you like, including renaming the theme. For this exercise, let’s make the following changes:

  • Name: rename the theme Sales Theme.
  • Logo alignment: change it to Left radio button.

Click on Save when you are finished making changes:


When you return to the main Invoice Settings screen you will see the changes you have made to the template settings:


How to Check Your Changes

From the main menu, go to Business → Sales overview:


Now click on + New and choose Invoice from the drop-down menu to create a new invoice:


Click on the Branding drop-down menu and choose Sales Theme from the list of options:


Now click on the Preview button at the top-right of the screen:


Xero will now show you what your branded invoice looks like. You should be able to see that the logo is displayed on the left-hand side because of the change you made to the theme: